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Zigong New Dipper Valve Co.,Ltd- Safety.Reliability

Dipper Valve is a professional valve manufacturer owned 18 national utility model patent and 7 national innovative patent,and it is a
manufacturer who undertake three valve localizing manufacturing project at national energy bureau and CNPC “key equipment of oil and
gas pipe localizing manufacturing project”.

Prefect Performance, Returninglory ——Rising Stem Ball Valve successfully passed localization industrial test

Jan 04,2019

Prefect Performance, Returninglory ——Risin...

December 27th, 2018, Rising stem ball valve of the key localization production for oil and gas pipeline, successfully passed industrial test. After six-years strict testing and detecting, both of these two valves reached R&D requirement, achieved 0 leakage in tream&downstream and body cavity, the whole performance exceeded the similar product in Europe and America.

The Pillars Of A Great Power,The Sharp Weapon Of A Nationality

Nov 07,2013

The Pillars Of A Great Power,The Sharp Wea...

China Central Television financial channel (CCTV 2) has launched ‘the pillars of a great power’ documentary at 21:10 pm on 6th,Nov.2013,this documentary has detailed introduced the magnificent history?that China manufacturing strongly marching to the world,as the supplier to one important project in Saudi Arabia,Zigong New Dipper Valve Co.,Ltd are listed in one of the 35 assembly manufacturing enterprises in the first episode.

Dipper Valve Independent Research “ESD Device” Appraised And Encouraged By Secretary Of The CPC Sichuan Province Committee

Dec 20,2009

Dipper Valve Independent Research “ESD Dev...

On 20th,Dec.2009,Mr.Liu QiBao the secretary of the CPC Sichuan Province Committee and director of The Standing Committee Of Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress visited high-tech industry area of Zigong city for research. Dipper Valve represented the high-tech industry enterprise to give a report for its technology achievements.